Monday, 24 November 2008

PSP Earth 0.6 Scheduled For December 2008

Well - It's been over a year since the last PSP earth release!

Unfourantly this release will still be within the web browser - but will be structured very heavily within Adobe Flash. This means alot of flashy moving images ect - well, more than that...

Anyway the release is scheduled for sometime in December this year. I was originally going to release it as a Christmas Edition, but seeing how bad Summer Holiday Edition did back in 2007 i decided not too.

Anyway, in the near future go to either DC Emu, Qj, or this blog to stay up to date!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

PSP Earth Halloween Edition Coming Soon!

PSP Earth is back for the halloween season. With the halloween edition of the latest installment of the PSP Series, Spook out your friends with a few Limited Edition easter eggs which arnet included in any release! There will also be a spooky GUI with animated creepy crawleys and bats, and also a new installment for when you go trick all treating! This version is much more than a webcam portal, its a halloween portal!

Stay tuned, and remember this will be released on haloween morning (UK)

Sunday, 9 September 2007

PSP Earth 0.7 In The Making!

We are now devloping build 0.7 of PSP earth and should be completed soon. 0.7 Will only include some minor changes such as GUI improovement and more webcam streams! Maybe this will be the first Eboot release of PSP Earth, Who Knows!? ;) Anyway watch this space!

PSP Earth 0.5 Out Now!

Psp Earth 0.5 is now out and ready to be downloaded!

Psp Earth 0.5 boasts its new GUI and is the best one yet!
More Cool Features:
Weather Reports
Easier To Use

Friday, 13 July 2007

PSP Earth 0.5 Deylayed

PSP Earth 0.5 will not be coming out this month as dramatic work is needed to it to make it much better. PSP Earth 0.5 will come out sometime in august.
For now, why not download 0.2!
Heres some great new features 0.5 will bring
50+ Webcam Streams, Auto Connect, New Layout ("Passport to..." Style GUI) And much much more!